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Photo: Katja Harbi

In my talks I address political, social, cultural and historical questions from Germany, Israel and the German-Israeli thematic field, both from a professional informed perspective as well as from a personal one. Interested? Please feel free to contact me!


German Perspectives

  • How does one perceive Israel or Jewish themes in Germany?

  • Are there uniquely Jewish positions within German society?

  • What perspective might these positions offer on themes such as migration, populism and tolerance?

  • Are these self-chosen positions, or are they ascribed by others, perhaps even out of anti-Semitic motivation?

Israeli Perspectives

  • What role does civil society play in the context of the political conflicts within Israel?

  • What is the meaning of the political and cultural struggle between “The State of Israel” and “The Land of Israel”?

  • What role do the settlement movement, Palestinian actors, the Israeli media and the international community play within this struggle?

Bi-National Perspectives

  • “The right of existence of the State of Israel is part of the German ´raison d'être´"(Angela Merkel): What meaning does this statement have in times characterised by the shift of the Second World War and the Holocaust from being “memory” into being “history” (N. Frei)?

  • How should one perceive within this context the rise of the populist AfD in Germany and the growing occupation with antisemitism?

Some Examples of my Talks:

Frei Tal King Bürgerrechte


Who are "We"? Challenges and Chances of the Israeli-Palestinian Civil Society

Educational tour of the Saxon Center for Civic Education 

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