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"Adolf Eichmann: A hearing Process" wins the 2021 ARD´s German Radio Play of the Year Award

November 2021

Ofer Waldman - We Love Israel

A documentary Radio Play by Noam Brusilovsky and Ofer Waldman

Sixty years ago the Eichmann trial took place in Jerusalem, ending with the execution of the head of Jewish affairs in the S.S. and one of the main figures in the execution of the so called "final solution". The trial marks a corner stone in the history of the Israeli Radio.

Writing: Noam Brusilovsky and Ofer Waldman

Director: Noam Brusilovsky

Production: Juliane Schmidt, RBBKultur, Sabine Küchler, Deutschlandfunk

Berlin, 2021

Length: 55 min.

First aired: 9. April 2021

The Radio Play at the Website of the competition


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